Why Having Fully Managed Servers are Important

At present where a lot of business processes require the use of technology, many companies have realized the need to employ dedicated servers. Having a dedicated server means the company is not sharing disk space and processor bandwidth with others, which is the case with shared servers. When businesses choose to get dedicated servers, the providers also offer management of the system. Hosting providers employ full time engineers to monitor and maintain the servers at no additional expense to their clients, other than as a service. Some businesses that need IP transit and colo services can ask their providers about it, but these are usually bundled into the whole package already.A fully managed hosting service is popular among business owners who want to run a website but would rather spend time on the daily tasks of the business. Providers lease their servers to various clients and manage the servers at all times. The following are the reasons why having a fully managed server is important.More Efficient Level of SecurityMany companies now use technology to store, access and maintain confidential information such as financial reports, personal information as well as client details. They also use various applications in order to streamline daily tasks and make business transactions run smoothly. However, using technology means that there are also certain risks that every business must face, such as hackers, viruses and even disasters such as power interruption. These events may lead to loss of files and information if there is not enough security. A fully managed server will have top notch security features such as virus scanners, firewalls and other application to make sure that the server stays protected and safe from intrusions. Making use of anti spam software and virus protection applications will allow these providers to take care not only of their clients, but also the servers and the information stored there. Providers also have backup facilities to make sure that files can be recovered in case of any unlikely system failures. Good InvestmentAlthough it may seem an added expense for the company at first, spending on fully managed servers is actually a very good investment for the business. The hosting provider will have the infrastructure off site, and will also employ its own technical staff. Therefore, the business does not have to hire its own set of IT engineers to work on their premises, and will save a lot of money on recruitment expenses, training and so on. Hosting providers will do the hands on work of monitoring and updating the servers as well as handle any issues that may arise. They will also send regular reports to the business to keep them updated. Overall, the cost can be outweighed by the amount of benefits that the business can gain.Service Round the ClockManaged hosting providers also provide important services such as 24 hours of technical support and monitoring of servers. A telephone based support will always be available, otherwise it is usually easy to get in touch with them online via instant messaging or email. They would also troubleshoot right away if there is an issue, minimizing any delays or down times. Most importantly, they would regularly create back ups, making it possible to recover files and data in case of any disaster. All these are done round the clock, which if done in house, would cost the company a lot of money. This would ensure that the website and the server will be available and accessible even if it is already past office hours. Business owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is always a team of experts that monitors, updates and maintains the servers so that the business operation can run very smoothly. The hosting company will take care of all aspects relating to the server. A business that is looking to get fully managed servers can rest assured that their servers will be setup appropriately, taking this heavy task off their hands. Whether it is simply a coloserver or a full cabinet, a team of qualified and experienced experts will manage it for the company. Plus, many providers also offer ip transitservices at very low cost apart from their managed servers, making it an excellent and cost effective solution.

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